Projects Funded

COGGO Research Fund 2022

Murdoch University - Preventing bacterial induced ice nucleation to increase productivity of grains - $149,862

DPIRD - Using high throughput sequencing technology to transform desease surveillance - $73,271

Murdoch University - Identify and combine the best alleles from two genes to achieve pod shattering resistance in narrow leaved lupins - $99,805

UWA - Improving climate risks estimates for WA grain growers using multi century records of rainfall variability - $30,000

CSIRO - Identifying opportunities to integrate a spring sewn summer crop into winter weed based cropping system in WA - $149,406

Total Funded                                                                                                                                   $502,344


COGGO Research Fund 2021

Edstar Genetics Pty Ltd - Developing higher protein wheat for Western Australia with superior processing characteristics - $136,000

Minginew Irwin Group - Biobeds for Australian Agriculture; reducing the envrionmental impact of pesticide Contamination - $37,250

CSIRO - Digging deep to maximise sowing opportunities and wheat establishment (on-farm testing of clong coleoptile wheat genotypes and sowing depth) - $148,815

Total Funded                                                                                                                                   $319,065

COGGO Research Fund 2020

Murdoch Uni - Development of non-GM frost tolerant wheat for WA Growers - $150,000

Dex Intelligence - AI for biosecurity - $58,335

CFIG - Maximising fallow rotations with a 'Strip and Disc' strategy to increase water use efficiency and subsequent crop yields across the wheatbelt region of Western Australia - $121,125

Facey Group - Canola establishment - is it improved through the application of wetters to the seed in marginal conditions - $135,000

Bioscience Pty Ltd - Improving grains growth and yield using liquid potassium phosphate fertiliser - $150,000

Stirlings to Coast Farmers - Impact of stubble management on small conical snail mortality - $80,000

Total Funded                                                                                                                                     $694,460


COGGO Research Fund Projects 2019

UWA - Wallace Cowling - Ground truthing field expression and value of new flowering time genes in Lupins for WA - $100,000

Murdoch Uni - Steve Wylie - A novel approach to improving Stagonospora nodorum blotch (SNB) tolerance in wheat - $ 94,250

DPIRD - Ben Biddulp - The role of ice nucleating bacteria in frost sensitivity of cereals in WA - $100,000

Murdoch Uni - Calum Watt - Increasing Barley yield under future temperature increases - $25,000

Southern Dirt - Emma Russell - Using long season wheats for increases in profits and grazing opportunities - $62,583

Total Funded                                                                                                                                      $381,833


COGGO Research Fund Projects 2018

CSIRO - Downfall of aphids through a naturally occurring fungus - $49,044

Dr David Bowran - DAFWA - Evaluating high vigour reduced tillering wheat - $27,500

Southern Dirt - Summer cropping to improve cereal yields - $30,000

Total Funded                                                                                                                                       $106,544


COGGO Research Fund Projects 2017

Facey Group - Incorporating Lime to depth in duplex wheat belt soils Phase 2 - $39,000

Gro.IQ - Should Western Australia be worried about "Weak Wheat" - $35,000

SEPWA - Trash Choices - crop residue management options - $90,550

Mingenew Irwin Group (MIG) - Aerial crop manager - $99,000

Total funded                                                                                                                                     $263,550    

COGGO Research Fund Projects 2016

Plan Farm Pty Ltd - the "COGGO App". Helping farmers make better grain marketing decisions for their business by using facts and logic rather than emotion and speculation - $25,000

UWA - Novel use of anti-transpirants to improve wheat yield in the grain belt of WA - $45,000

Soiltech Research - Demonstration that sampling the soil profile leads to better soil acidity management $92,400

Mingenew Irwin Group (MIG) - Innovations for on-farm grain storage - $96,422

DAFWA - Resistance of milling and hay oats to root lesion nematodes - $81,619

SEPWA - Headless Barley - some direction for growers $20,935

West Midland Group (WMG) Trialling a double break - $44,660

Corrigin Farm Improvement Group (CFIG) - Rotational choices for profitable crops on medium to heavy textured soils of the eastern wheatbelt - $49,692

SEPWA  - Lime-laying trials for the future - $12,746

Facey Group - Incorporating lime to depth in duplex wheat belt soils - $37,600

North East Farming Futures Group (NEFF) - Farm scale, low rainfall, canola plant establishment trial using commonly available seeding bars - $48,625

Various Groups - Small pointed snails control - $50,000

Total Funded                                                                                                                                      $ 604,699

COGGO Research Fund Projects 2015

Murdoch University – Refining remote sensing technologies to give real time estimation of crop nitrogen status for application in precision agriculture - $95,000

Australian Grown Superfoods – Taking Quinoa from a subsistence crop to a broad acre crop for the WA Wheat Belt - $27,500

West Midlands Group – Using farmer strips and electronic sensors to diagnose crop growth limitations - $49,220

SEPWA – Farm Scale Wi-Fi, the future of data for WA Grain Farmers - $37,231

Coorow Seeds and Agrarian – Investigate the performance of an alternative oil seed crop, Camelina, in the mid-west region. Assess the influences of environment and nutrition on the oil content, protein, oil quality and omega 3 and Erucic acid levels - $30,000

MIG – Measuring, monitoring and understanding soil water holding properties to increase risk management, grower confidence and grain yield improvement, resulting in increased returns to Grain Growers - $49,775

North East Farming Futures Group – On farm Ph adjustment trials in zone 2. - $49,450

Fitzgerald Biosphere Group – Frost management options to increase wheat grain quality and yield and how these strategies impact on soil erosion along the South Coast of WA - $41,400

Facey Group Inc. – Incorporating lime to depth on duplex wheat belt soils - $35,000

Total Funded                                                                                                                                         $414,576

COGGO Research Fund Projects 2014

West Midlands Group – Developing and testing innovation, practical and reliable methods for incorporating lime into acidic sand plain subsoils - $92,000.

Planfarm – Yield performance of acid/aluminium tolerant wheat varieties against new acid tolerant barley (WABAR 2625) across a range of soil acidity profiles via spatial analysis - $50,000.

Synergy Consulting – To research the use of residual herbicides for effective summer weed control and to assist in delaying development of resistance in summer weeds - $18,880.

DAFWA (R. Emery) – Development of mobile and web based apps to improve grains industry surveillance and diagnoses for pests and diseases - $30,000.

Sardi – Development of an imidazolinone-tolerant oat breeding line - $51,500.

UWA (G Yan) – Implementation of a newly developed fast generation technology for Australian wheat/barley breeding industry - $100,000.

DAFWA (S Micic) – To find out if aphids can cause yield loss in Canola under good growing conditions and whether aphid thresholds are applicable - $100,000.

UWA (N. Longnecker) – Up-skilling the WA Grains industry in disease surveillance for a more production and bio secure future - $45,000.

SEPWA – virtual field walk – capturing the SEPWA trials in a virtual platform for use by all growers - $35,695.

Mingenew Irwin Group – State-wide implementation of Australia’s first Agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - $49,500.

Total Funded                                                                                                                                  $572,575 


COGGO Research Fund Projects 2013

Planfarm Pty Ltd ($50,000) - Helping growers make better and ‘independent’ nitrogen decisions through the development of an in Paddock Nitrogen ‘App’ for Wheat, Barley and Canola

Corrigin Farm Improvement Group Inc ($21,980) - Growing more profitable crops on Chemical Fallow

South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA) ($20,600) - Following the finances of fallows with COGGO

Mingenew Irwin Group (MIG) ($20,000) - Increasing cropping returns on red loam soils through chemical fallow

South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA) ($42,000) - "Dealing with a Difficult Harvest" - a guide book for Western Australian grain growers

University of Western Australia (UWA) ($96,350) - Enhancing WA chickpea industry through targeted demonstration and extension of new ascochyta resistant improved varieties and lines in partnership with grower groups

University of Western Australia (UWA) ($100,000) - Development of web based tool to interpret and quantify spray coverage obtained from commercial pesticide applications

WA Soft Wheat Growers Association Inc (WASWGA) ($100,000) - WASWGA Intergrain Soft Wheat Breeding Extension Project

West Midlands Group ($25,000) - The Impact of Gravel on Crop Management

Total Funded                                                                                                                                          $475,930